Making History with Wood Stone Home

One of the questions we love to ask our favorite architects and designers is, “What takes a kitchen to the next level?” They always mention the importance of top-notch appliances but also how important it is to create a space that’s comfortable and inviting. Whether it’s the primeval allure of a fire or the mouth-watering fragrances that emanate from the kitchen, it’s a part of the home that draws people in, that brings friends and families together, and that encourages creativity and conversation.

Perhaps one of the most convivial additions to the kitchen is a Wood Stone Home oven. The stone hearth ovens—longtime favorites of world-famous chefs like Tom Colicchio and Wolfgang Puck—are engineered and built to mirror the construction of the company’s commercial units but are designed specifically for residential use. Brick ovens go back some 25,000 years (you can learn more about the history by clicking here) yet it’s a marvelously modern way of preparing meals and lends itself not just to pizzas, for which it’s perhaps best known today, but to roasting, steaming, sautéing, and baking. 

Wood Stone ovens come in a variety of configurations and are available with either gas heat or wood fire systems. And as you’ll see by the images above, they’re at home indoors or out, and fit perfectly into contemporary or traditional kitchens.

It’s an ancient form of cooking but, we admit, there’s a slight intimidation factor as it’s something altogether different from the more familiar oven and stovetop cooking we all know. Fear not, it’s really very simple—and fun! Come in and see for yourself at one of our live demos. Last week we explored tandoori cooking; this week it’s Pizzas of Italy with Chef Grey Hunt of Bread & Water Catering. We’ll be making traditional pizzas from Tuscany, Rome and Naples, and learning about how each region perfected its signature style. (You can also check out Wood Stone Home's website for recipes ideas, here.) Watch, learn and taste—it’s a fantastic way to experience all that Wood Stone Home has to offer. Event details are as follows: 

Pizzas of Italy with Wood Stone Home

Saturday, May 23, from 11am to 2pm

Snyder Diamond, 1399 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica