Holiday Cooking Made Easy

How was your Thanksgiving dinner? If your turkey left you wanting or all that cooking left you frustrated, maybe it’s time to consider updating your kitchen with a new luxury range. Thermador’s Pro Grand Steam Range can make preparing meals for the coming holidays a joy, not a struggle. The company’s first high-performance range with built-in steam and convection ovens will change the way you cook. The professionally styled range features seven options: ExtraLow, a special simmering featuring that maintains a perfect low setting (no more scorched gravy or chocolate); the company’s signature Star burners (their five-point shape means no cold spots); a 22,000-BTU power burner; a titanium griddle/grill (because holiday mornings always mean pancakes); a large capacity convection oven (big enough to hold a 14-pound turkey); a glass warming drawer; and an exclusive steam and convection oven adjacent to the main oven. At this time of year, it’s worth noting that a steam oven is a particularly handy tool in the kitchen as it reheats leftovers without drying them out. Steam gently revitalizes foods using their own juices and it can even crisp without depleting moisture. Plus, it’s healthy—something we can certainly all benefit from during the holidays. And, if you’re looking for a little culinary inspiration, check out Thermador's recipe pages, where you’ll find all sorts of ideas, like roasted onions, sweet potato casserole with maple pecans, rosemary and lemon roast chicken, strawberry bread pudding, and so many more. December is truly a month to savor and Snyder Diamond is here to help.