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Get to Know Artelinea

Get to Know Artelinea

Sexy and sleek is the standard for this luxury Italian bath brand. 

Since 1962, Artelinea has been a leading producer of luxury bathroom furnishings. The family-run firm is based in Firenze, Italy, and was founded by Marcello Gobbini, with a focus on glassworks. Now a family-run firm, Marcello’s sons Marco and Massimo handle production and sales respectively.  Today the firm produces an incredibly beautiful range of vanities and cabinetry, as well as wallpaper, printed-glass panels and mirrors.  

Fire and water pair perfectly when it’s Artelinea’s Regolo collection.

Fire and water pair perfectly when it’s Artelinea’s Regolo collection.

Research, Design and Production

Before designing a product, Artelinea focuses on the study materials, working directly with institutions like the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence and the Scuola del Vetro in Murano, Venice. They also work with a host of tech-research organizations that enable them to maintain the most current and effective methods of production. Bending, grinding, fusion, painting, laser works.  There’s no shortage of applied techniques. And it’s a collaborative venture as well. Not only are they partnering with research facilities, their woodworking and engineering departments work hand-in-hand on site. And for all you architects and designers, click here to learn more about working with them on custom projects.  

One of our favorite aspects is their commitment to environmental responsibility, something so many of our vendors have embraces. Artelinea’s production plant reuses gray water and rainwater and the nearly 130,000-square-foot facility is designed with photovoltaic panels that produce 80% of the company’s energy needs. Their packaging efforts also play a part in their overall mission, with an in-house box factory that uses 100% recycled cardboard. 

New from Artelinea: The Metaforsi Collection features multiple lines.


A range of versatile and highly functional vanities characterized by clever use of glass, mirror, decorative porcelain and printed patterns.

Artelinea +skin 2.jpg
Artelinea +skin 1.jpg
Artelinea +skin 3.jpg


A combination of precise shapes and elegant materials, the Plissé collection is a range of freestanding units entirely manufactured in glass with metal detailing.

Artelinea plisse 3.jpg
Artelinea plisse 1.jpg
Artelinea plisse 2.jpg


The lines and shapes of classic midcentury pieces inspired the shapely, glass and metal T-60 vanity.

Artelinea T60 1.jpg
Artelinea - T60 2.jpg
Artelinea - T60 3.jpg


A wide range of wall cabinets available in multiple sizes and characterized by a burnished aluminum frame. The glass panels can clear, bronzo or fume. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the new Metamorfosi series.

Artelinea Passepartout 1.jpg
Artelinea - Passepartout 2.jpg
Artelinea - Passepartout 3.jpg


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