Bubbles: An Effervescent New Sink Design from Italian Firm Kreoo


This week, we’re bringing you two videos from Kreoo, Italian producer of luxury marble bath fixtures and indoor-outdoor furnishings, and one of our special Salone del Mobile event partners. The videos offer terrific insight into the artistry behind the company's designs, which play with the thickness of the marble to extraordinary effect and which sometimes incorporate Murano glass, wood and metal elements. The first video is a look at Kreoo’s work from concept to completion: Mastery in Stone. The second delves into the creative process of sculptor Danilo Farinon, who founded Kreoo's parent company, Decormarmi, in the early 1970s: Angel Inside Marble

We're also bringing you a first look at Kreoo’s newest freestanding washbasin, Bubbles (above), designed by Marco Piva. If you’re in Milan, stop by the Secret Colors of Milan, a concept space designed by Piva for Marie Claire Maison Italia, to see the sink in person, or visit our showrooms to learn more. Either way, follow Kreoo on Instagram and find everything from sleek bathroom ideas like those below to fun surprises like marble eyeglasses created in collaboration with Morà Busoli.

kreoo IG.png

To learn more about Kreoo, check out our previous posts on the company’s history and its wood and marble Loto sink (below) from the celebrated Nabhi Collection.

loto 1.jpg
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