Go With The Faux

Everyone talks about the indoor-outdoor lifestyle but what really makes it all possible isn't just the weather, it's great indoor-outdoor materials. Since 2003, Saint-Pierre Rivestimenti has been producing a striking collection of natural-looking wall applications at their Piombino Dese factory, near Venice, Italy. The faux surfaces come in a range of designs (stone, slate, brick, concrete and wood) and are made from quartz and marble powders and sand that are mixed into a thick paste, pigmented, poured into molds and “baked.” Each order is custom, ensuring that all pieces come from the same dye lot. The panels are easy to install over a variety of surfaces (plaster, plastic, metal, wood, etc.), easy to clean, non-toxic and stain- and dent-resistant. They’re also waterproof, which makes them great for bathrooms and spas, as well as for outdoor use. Some of the surfaces can do double duty as flooring, indoor stairs, furniture, shelving and even garden planters. And because the sheets are extraordinarily lightweight (they’re just 8mm thick!), they don’t require a lot of adhesive, another earth-friendly factor. Saint-Pierre is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive and clever products available at Snyder Diamond