The New Freddy Blast Chiller from Irinox

Irinox, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional blast chillers, slow cookers and vacuum sealers, has just perfected its technology for at-home use with the new Freddy blast chiller. This latest ultra-modern and compact model allows you to flash-freeze everything from fresh peas to entire meals, all while retaining up to 80-percent more vitamins and minerals. When foods are chilled quickly, the problem of unsightly oxidation and bacterial growth is eliminated, and micro-crystals ensure the food’s quality, helping it to last three-times longer and to thaw more evenly. Freezers aren’t actually designed to freeze, they’re designed to preserve. Freddy freezes. All you have to do is reheat in any way you’d like. Bonus: Freddy also chills a bottle of wine lickety-split.