Maestro by Bonnet

The Maestro by Bonnet freestanding cooking ranges may have once been exclusive to restaurants like French Laundry and El Bulli, but not anymore. Now, they’re available to the residential market and found exclusively on the West Coast at Snyder Diamond. Built in the village of La Motte de Galaure in Southern France, Maestro is an artisanal firm owned by Bonnet, the leading French manufacturer of restaurant equipment. Paired together, the two top-notch companies deliver incredible ergonomics, reliability, longevity and performance, and it’s the only cooking island that is fully customized to the home in which it will reside (just check out the gorgeous William Hefner- and Laurie Haefele-designed kitchen, below). The fully UL-certified ranges come with a variety of options, colors and components—if you dream it, they can build it. Visit our Santa Monica showroom to see the stunning 10-foot-long by 4-foot-wide custom model we just installed in the demonstration kitchen. It’s a beauty to behold (and touch)!