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Season 5, Episode 13: WestWeek, Angeleno Magazine and E-Commerce


This past week was our bi-annual pilgrimage to the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood for WestWeek. In addition to the panel conversations, open houses and smaller events, WestWeek is always, without exception, a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, make some new ones and find out what new trends and concepts have emerged while we have been knee deep in our own projects. There was a really fantastic conversation that I want to share with you. It took place at the Thomas Lavin showroom and covered the topic of e-commerce. If that doesn’t sound like a hot topic in the design space, it should because it’s bigger than you might think. Especially now, designers, homeowners, media outlets retailers, especially retailers are looking at the concept of e-commerce as a game changer and a potential threat. From a retailer’s perspective, will the capital expense of building out an e-commerce platform generate the desired new revenue stream? Will it chase off the in-store shoppers. How will designers address the ‘mark-up’ model with clients if that client can see everything online? These are just a few of the questions that come up, and the following conversation shed some light on these and other relevant and interesting points. This conversation was led by the talented Christopher Gialanella, group publisher of Modern Luxury’s family of publications here in Southern California. This one was hosted by Angeleno Magazine and features designers Windsor Smith, Ryan Jackson and Janice Barta. Enjoy this episode of Convo By Design Presented By Snyder Diamond.

This modern architecture oasis in the foothills of Palm Springs, called the Ridge Mountain Residence. Providing design within reach… It’s a stunning piece of residential architecture from Steven Ehrlich and the firm Ehrlich, Yanai, Rhee, Chaney #Architects. I had a strong reaction to this property and wanted you to see both the outside and portions of the internal design to see how well this project incorporates the exterior harshness and beauty into the interior design. The last time we visited, you saw the exterior. This time, we go inside and explore the relationship between the harsh desert exterior and the luxuries, silky smooth plaster walled interior. The built in furniture, storage and selective art blends this space evenly and perfectly. The home was placed strategically on a flat spot in the hills, nestled between rock outcroppings to the point where it almost appears like the home simply grew out of the stone. Steven will also tell us about some of the art in this house.Pieces by, light artist David Weismann and works in reflective light and glass by artist Philip K. Smith. I think you will see why I am so enamored with this home. Truly an work of art in and of itself. Enjoy this conversation with architect Steven Ehrlich. If you like what you hear, and I hope you do, please go to “Ratings and Reviews” on iTunes, leave us a note and a positive review. Positive ratings helps us attract new listeners to the podcast.. and it is very much appreciated. Enjoy this episode of Convo By Design Presented By Snyder Diamond.


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