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Season 5 EP 6 - Let's Take It Outside

Season 5 EP 6 - Let's Take It Outside


We don’t usually talk about designing for outdoor spaces in February. We save these conversations until early April but it has been beautiful out lately. But not exclusively. Regardless of your political position on global warming, one thing that cannot be denied is that climate change does exist, it is happening and it does affect the way we all live. I cannot have a conversation with an interior designer, architect or developer without the topic of outdoor living coming to the fore. In Southern California, outdoor spaces are equally as important and the indoor spaces because we spend so much time outside. 

Following is a really fun conversation from the WestEdge Design Fair called Maximizing Your Outdoor Living Spaces. This was moderated by Sunset’s Melissa Goldstein and features Regan Baker of Regan Baker Design and Leslie L. Hunt of Leslie L, Hunt Interior Design. This chat covers a lot of ground, literally and it also covers interior to exterior transitions and functional uses of space with ideas that can be applied to almost any climate.  

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Designer Cesar Giraldo has appeared on the podcast a few times over the past four seasons. He remains a favorite of ours for his fearless approach toward design, brand development and life itself. Cesar discusses what he does when he isn't working and when he first knew what he wanted to be. As he does, you will find his work displayed in the background. This presentation is part of the Convo By Design Green Room Project. A project that began at WestEdge Design Fair and features immensely talented creatives interviewed in a set imagined by Kelley Jackson and built by the Warner Bros. Property Department. Convo By Design is presented by Snyder Diamond and Miele and their revolutionary line of kitchen appliances.

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