Season 5 Episode 3 - The Relationship Between Design and Art


Art, design, architecture and collaboration... taking Los Angeles to Milan… following is a conversation from the WestEdge Design Fair called Intimate Strangers. This conversation features Maria Cicicone of Graye, architect and designer Gulia Jonsdottir, artist Nicole Landau and art consultant, Wendy Posner. This really interesting journey was moderated by Interiors magazine’s, Erika Heet. This is an exploration into the age old question about the relationship between design and art. The contrast and compliment each add to the other, or not. These remarkable women explain their project called Intimate Strangers. An exhibition bringing the essence of Los Angeles to Milan, Italy and the challenges of showing this in a historical property with multiple restrictions. Anyone who has worked in a landmark or historical property understands just how complex this issue can be.



Designer Rona Graf is the principal designer of the award-winning design firm, Grace Blu Designs, Inc. Grace Blu is a boutique firm and Rona is a special type of designer that focuses her energies on client expectation and delivering against those expectations. Here is Rona's approach as it relates to starting from the beginning. It all starts with a blank canvas.

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Song: Your Love Makes Me High

image: Grace Blu