Episode 132: Laurie Haefele - Beautifully Bronzed


I have a strong respect for creatives. I am fascinated by multidisciplinary creatives. Laurie Haefele has been a previous guest on the podcast and she is back, but this time in a very different way. Call this episode a case study. We went to see Laurie at a recently completed project in Culver City, California. I named this project “Beautifully Bronzed” the moment I walked in and if you check out any of the videos or images on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll see why. The finishes are all brass against against a dark blue color in the cabinetry. Just an editors note here, before you email me and tell me that brass and bronze are different, I am aware of that. There was a little creative license taken in the naming. But it does beg the question about use of brass versus bronze. Since both are made of primarily copper, they share a number of characteristics but because brass has zinc, and bronze does not, you get a slightly yellower color from brass, which in this case, paired with a dark blue cabinet against a white counter and backsplash made for a really rich look and provided a pop. It was really a wonderful use of color and materials. You won’t be able to tell that from the podcast, but you will from the videos on our YouTube channel so please make sure to pop over there and find some additional inspiration. Laurie thought of everything here and I’m happy that we could bring you a walking tour. Please enjoy this conversation with kitchen designer and architect, Laurie Haefele. And, if you do, please, go to iTunes and off to the left, click subscribe. We would also appreciate it if you clicked on “ratings and reviews” and left a positive review for the show. It helps us rise in the rankings and get more exposure. It is greatly appreciated.


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