Episode 129: Designer David Dalton


David Dalton is an extraordinary interior designer. Dalton began his firm, David Dalton inc in 1987 and since then has been transforming interiors into unique works of art. He studied set design and film at UCLA and Art Center College of Design. Dalton specializes in commercial as well as residential projects. Following is a composite from two separate conversations Dalton and I shared. I appreciate his work and I hope you do as well. As you listen to this, if you happen to have access to social media, check out his instagram, david underscore dalton underscore inc and view his work. David’s work is elegant but it’s also livable. He is equally at ease with vibrant color as black and white. In part one, we talk about art, design, travel and collaboration. Dalton shares his ideas regarding residential and commercial design. We talk about design houses and product partners. Part two of this episode Dalton and I discuss indoor outdoor living, always a great topic of conversation here in Southern California. Music provided by Electric Sol Artist: Electric Sol Song: Your Love Makes Me High www.electricsolmusic.com.

Geronimo Balloons is powered by the creative innovation that Jihan Zencirli brings to her craft. Zencirli built a business around creating remarkable balloon sculptures that are worthy of a galley show. Listen to Jihan speak about the challenges that all creatives must face… running a business and being a creative.

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