Episode 128: Designer Kyle Schuneman


Kyle Schuneman has a keen eye for style and has developed a significant following through his book publication, bedding collection, furniture collection and social media influence. Kyle first published an apartment design book geared toward big city, small space living. This was in 2012 before the current big city boom. Kyle has a focus on designing for the space, not budget. His work has been featured in Esquire, Dwell, Cosmopolitan, Sunset, L’Uomo Vogue and Angeleno Interiors. He also works in prop styling which is an area that I think more and more designers will be utilizing in the very near future. Convo By Design has been featuring set decorators for quite some time. They work in creating a mood to fit a script, Kyle’s work has been in commercial use for companies like Target, Apple and Martha Stewart. Kyle is a match-maker of style. He bends and blends, combines and molds to create a complete and textured look. If you want to learn about his approach, keep listening...and if you like what you hear, please, go to iTunes and off to the left, click subscribe. We would also appreciate it if you clicked on “ratings and reviews” and left a positive review for the show. It helps us rise in the rankings and get more exposure. It is greatly appreciated.

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Jihan Zencirli is part part designer, part architect and part magician. Really, she reminds me of Willy Wonka. Zencirli built a business around creating remarkable balloon sculptures that are worthy of a galley show. Listen to Jihan speak about starting her business with a single, well placed balloon. A single balloon that brought her joy and how sharing that joy led down an entrepreneurial rabbit hole she is still happily exploring.