Episode 124: Food and Design Part 2 LA Design Festival

Pairing passions is one of our favorite pastimes here at Convo By Design. We will present you with conversations that mix, blend, tweak, share and mash every time. The LA Design Festival presented a conversation on Food and Design and you are going to eat it up. Following is part two of this fantastic exchange moderated by Patrick Frederickson, board member of AIGA and it features an eclectic group of panelists from Soylent, Brothecary and Take Flight Coffee. How does packaging affect the success of a restaurant or edible product? How can design be consumed? Play on words? Of course, but think about it, cooking is truly the only art form that uses all the senses. Enjoy this well seasoned convo from the LA Design Festival.

I met with Frank Novak who owns the Modernize Factory in DTLA during the LA Design Festival. Frank and his brother Jay started Modernize in 1989. Hear about taking an iconic idea and retooling it for generations of future fans.