Episode 121 LA VS. Detroit from the LA Design Festival Part 2

The seventh annual LA Design Festival is over but certainly not forgotten. Throughout the four days of events, open houses and executions, there were some truly creative discussions. One of which was the LAX DET conversation comparing and contrasting two cities not often used in the same conversation let alone the same sentence. Detroit is a city on the rise. The city is finding new popularity and those driving that are the creatives. Open spaces for exploration and development. A serious need for new capital and with that need comes an openness for new ideas. At the same time, you have LA, a city that has always been home to the creative class and built on the creative economy since the studios found fertile territory to grow production facilities from acres of empty orange groves. But, growth doesn’t continue forever and it doesn't come without a price. LA is in the process of a major reinvention and the growing pains are evident. Housing prices are at levels that price out the very people who make it work. Services and resources are stretched to the point where they are ready to snap. In times like these, to whom does one turn? The creatives. Following is part two of LA, Detroit, truly a tale of two cities moderated by KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez and featuring architects, Edwin Chan and Lorcan O’Herlihy, brand manager, Eileen Lee cultural alchemist Jason Mayden and innovation expert Chris Denson.

KCRW's  regional Emmy winning host/ producer, Saul Gonzalez talks about his work covering Los Angeles and how housing, transportation and resources are being stretched thin.  The city with almost unthinkably broad boundaries is now unmistakably stretched beyond it's ability to serve the residents. The creative community led by thought leaders like Gonzalez, architects, interior designers and city planners are working on ways to address both short term issues and long term fixes.  This was recorded at the LA Design Festival just prior to a fascinating panel coving many of these issues as they relate to Los Angeles and Detroit.  To listen to the whole panel discussion, please find the podcast here