Episode 118: Interior Designers Fernando Diaz and Kelley Jackson

This week, you will hear from two amazing interior designers, Fernando Diaz and Kelley Jackson. Fernando and Kelley are interior designers with a bold, fearless sense of style and both apply a tactical approach to strategic use of color. These conversations took place at Wattles Mansion just prior to the closure of the design house. You have been hearing from Wattles Mansion Designer Showcase designers in pairs in previous episodes. It has been so much fun to try and pair designers using at least one common theme and that is no exception here. This episode is about color. Use of color to make a statement, being bold, taking chances and tying it all together. Both designers do this masterfully. Fernando is Cuban-born, well traveled and adds touches from his travels in his work. You will hear about his use of vibrant, colorful, visually interesting beer steins and contemporary art pieces from LA artist Clara Berta to open up a heavily wood paneled library. Fernando uses furniture from Mitchell Gold - Bob Williams and rugs from AgaJohn to put this library together. Kelley Jackson attacked the ladies lounge with early California style in keeping with the time of Wattle Mansion but shrouded it in a pink haze . With Monterrey furniture and Anders Aldrin art and pillows she crafted herself. This space is filled with natural light from a southern exposure which caused the room to literally change color shades as we spoke. Please enjoy this episode with interior designers, Fernando Diaz and Kelley Jackson.

Creating the programming for a four day event like the LA Design Festival can be a daunting task. It requires an eye for uniqueness, an ear for new sounds and a thought process geared towards surprising and delighting a tough crowd. Haily and her talented team created a fun, original and creative programming portfolio for this years festival. This is how they designed it. Spoiler... They listened to you.