Episode 113: Michelle Workman

I sat down for this interview with Michelle Workman at a coffee shop in West Hollywood, down the street from the Pacific Design Center. In two years and one hundred and thirteen episodes of this podcast, I am constantly reminded just how talented and amazing the design community is. I would consider this to be a golden age of design. I say this because I am consistently meeting designers who are putting together some truly amazing work. They are doing it through innovation, new ideas and a health dose of trial and error. Fearlessly. If you don’t know Michelle yet, you will very soon. She is building a portfolio of work on the West Coast and in the South. Her roster of celebrity clients is a who’s who and yet, her philosophy is person centric which means her standard approach begins and ends with a level of service geared towards that person at that moment. Michelle just released her first full line of furniture through French Heritage, a line that she says was Art Deco inspired and likes to call it Sexy-Deco. What you are going to hear from Michelle is how she approaches the business as well as the art. Please enjoy this conversation with Michelle Workman and if you do enjoy it, please give us a positive rating on iTunes, that will make us more visible to others. You can also find short videos from many of these interviews at Convo By Design on YouTube. Thanks for listening and thanks for watching.

Ryan gives some amazing insight regarding his process for approaching a new space, incorporating her favorite elements and working around challenges.