Episode 116: Designers Victoria Reitz and Ron Woodson

This week, you will be hearing from two designers with very different approaches to Hollywood glamor but similar in their love the old-Hollywood feel.  First up is Victoria Reitz, interior designer and producer of the Wattles Mansion Showcase.  As the producer of the project, Victoria takes the last remaining room, the one nobody else selected.  This year, she took the Butler’s Room and turned it into a jewel encrusted, lavish dressing room.   Small, but mighty.  We also speak with Victoria about producing this project, the time involved and establishing a cohesive theme for all the designers to work both independently and part of an overall team.  And oh the surprises that come from working on a very old house.

Ron Woodson of Woodson and Rummerfield’s House of Design is next up with a fascinating conversation about the living room in which he and Jamie transformed into old-Hollywood magic.  Ron and Jamie have been on the show before, I really appreciate the fact that they are remarkable storytellers.  Ron explains how the room is inspired by a portrait that was found in a basement.  The portrait is of Norma Talmadge.  Talmadge was a mega star of the silent film era.  She began her career in 1910 with Vistagraph Studios in Flatbush.  She moved to Hollywood to star in silent pictures, and she starred in many.  She didn’t make the transition to talkies and after making only two, she retired.  Some say that she couldn’t make it in talking pictures because her voice lacked power to match her acting abilities.  In any case, her two spoken roles don’t translate at the box office and Talmadge was done.  But, a few interesting facts about Norma Talmadge, Norma Place in West Hollywood is named after her and the reason there are footprints dating back to the early days of Graumann’s Chinese Theater is because Norma stepped in some wet cement on her way into the theater.  The rest is Hollywood history.

Lisa Steinbach-Schecter shares her approach to developing healthy habits in the kitchen from a designers perspective.  Lisa uses the space available in collaboration with her clients lifestyle to create not only the kitchen of their dreams, but to make it one that promotes a healthy lifestyle so they can enjoy it longer.