Episode 108: Wattles Mansion - Shirley Starks, Phil Hoffman, Winslow & Cohen

The Wattles Mansion is one of the more interesting design projects you will find.  The Wattles Estate was built in 1907 for Nebraskan banker, Gurdon Wattles.  It was built as his winter home by architects Myron Hunt and Elmer Grey.  The mission revival residence was built with an absolutely stunning view from it’s perch in the Hollywood hills.  On a clear day, you can see the ocean.  The estate has a Japanese garden, Rose garden, Spanish garden, palm court and orchards.  It is surrounded by green and terraced landscapes.  After Wattles died, his son and wife remained in the home until it was sold to the city of Los Angeles in 1965.  The estate fell into disrepair due to many factors.  But the Wattles Mansion is now open to the public, as an event space. And as an annual showcase home.  This year, Convo By Design was there to speak with the designers who are giving this space a face lift, a glamorous, luxurious, elegant facelift.  As you will hear, because the City owns the property, there are more rules than you might imagine and no structural changes take place so the designers really need to be thoughtful in their approach.

This episode features two pairs of very talented creatives.  Shirley Starks and Phil Hoffman from the Set Decorators Society of America to tell you about the space decorated by Melinda Ritz and Mae Brunken of the SDSA.  You know Shirley and Phil, they were featured on past episodes of the podcast. Next up are Fariba Cohen and Jonathan Winslow of Winslow & Cohen. Turning a master bedroom into a playful game room.  I encourage you to get your tickets to this showcase before it closes and check out our YouTube channel where you can find short videos from these episodes.

Cesar Giraldo of Tag Front is a remarkable designer. He designed the space for @WeHoDesignDistr @WestEdgeDesign Fair. Cesar loves working with brands and he has some very interesting was of making a statement.  This video showcases the passion that goes into the project, he excitement of opening and relief on it's closing.