Episode 104: WestEdge Design Fair Founders Troy Hanson and Megan Reilly

Many of the conversations you have been hearing on the show were recorded live from the WestEdge Design Fair.  As all of you in the design trade know, projects don’t just happen overnight.  WestEdge Design Fair takes place in November but I thought this conversation was important to air now.  Why?  Well, as every project,  media campaign, design house or other unique experiential endeavor goes there is always a recap of the project.  And we recently had ours.  All the stakeholders got together in Brentwood for breakfast and we talked about the good, the could-be-better and the what-if’s.  If I am going to be perfectly honest, the what-if’s are my favorite part of the process.  It not only represents the completely unbridled range of creativity, but nothing has gone wrong yet.  Now, it’s just us designers, architects, set decorators, showroom managers brand developers and we all know that nothing ever goes wrong, all of our projects go off without a hitch, right?    Well, as you listen to this episode with Troy Hansen and Megan Reilly, founders of WestEdge, we are in the process of figuring out what we are going to be doing at the show this year.  The plans are pretty cool and I can’t wait to share them with you.  For now, here are Troy and Megan to explain what goes into creating and producing an amazing design fair that is so much more that a trade show, it’s an experience.