Episode 101: Bringing the Travel Experience Home Pt. 1

I love to travel, what I love more than traveling is being at home.  This is a conversation about having both.  C Magazine Design interiors Editor, Andrea Stanford moderated this conversation from the Westedge Design Fair entitled, Bringing the Travel Experience Home.  It features Tim Campbell whose notable projects include Richard Neutra’s Singleton House, Lloyd Wright’s Alfred Newman Residence and Colony Palms Hotel… Nathan Turner whose passions include and are spoken expertly about, design, travel and food and Sue Firestone of SFA Design.  This conversation is about travel, design and bringing it all home.  Giving back and making an impact.  The stories behind the craft, the people, the artisans and the culture.  The reason for being.  This is part 1 of Bringing The Travel Experience Home.

Designer Amy Benton knows her way around a kitchen.  he can visualize the kitchen design from concept to completion and she knows how to get what her clients want and need.