Episode 142 Interior Designer Cesar Giraldo and Set Decorator Beth Wooke

CXD EP 142 SQ Giraldo and Wooke.001.jpeg

In this episode, we pair two creatives with some common threads; Vision, passion, talent and gratitude. These are two remarkable individuals with crazy skills. I wanted you to hear from interior designer Cesar Giraldo and set decorator Beth Wooke. I wanted to juxtapose these two creatives against each other for a few reasons. Both are incredibly passionate, very successful in their respective disciplines and both come from a cooperative place with regard to their work, and getting it right for their client. They are appreciative of every opportunity to put their talents to work and it comes through in the way they discuss their career. At the same time, the manner in which they approach the work is very different because they are serving different masters. A set is designed for a script and a residential project is designed for an individual, couple or family. These require a completely different way of thinking, collaborating and at the same time, they both must capture the essence of the individuals for whom the space is created. This is interior designer Cesar Giraldo and set decorator, Beth Wooke. 



Aaron B. Duke is an LA based designer with a design style that is capturing the attention of the A & D community due to his attention to detail, balanced use of materials, color and innovative ideas. Meet Duke and hear more about his approach to lifestyle and design. Duke was recently named to the Modern Luxury Interiors slate of 2017 Faces of Design. Deservedly so.

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Artist: Electric Sol
Song: Your Love Makes Me High