Episode 99: Technology and The Changing Landscape of Design

California Home and Design Magazine hosted a panel called How Technology is Changing the Landscape of Interior Design. It was moderated by CH+D editor, Jennifer Mehditash and featured Anna Brockway of @CherishCo , Mat Sanders from @ConsortDesign and Jaime Derringer of @DesignMilk . The conversation straddles traditional design and tech based systems for product development and new ways to bridge the gap between the trade and community.

Susan Cohen and Janet Yonaty on How to Earn a Designer's Business

Designer Susan Cohen and textiles innovator, Janet Yonaty have been collaborating for well over a decade. Multiple projects, numerous collaborations and years later they remain great partners and close friends. Susan is going to tell you how to earn and keep a successful designers business in an ever changing industry like interior design.