Episode 70: Bring on The WOW! from WestWeek 2016 Part 1

Curating Inspiration Through the Creative Process

Moderator: Cathy Whitlock, Contributing Editor, The Hollywood Reporter

Panelists: Erik Evens, Stephan Jones, John Pomp, and Elizabeth Ralls

The democratization of design has given homeowners a greater sensitivity to form and function in the interior space, but more often than not it has also neutralized creativity and confidence ... favoring beige decor, no walls and DIY projects. Join The Hollywood Reporter’s Contributing Editor and RubyLux spokesperson Cathy Whitlock, architect Erik Evens, interior designer Stephan Jones, product designer John Pomp and editor-in-chief Elizabeth Ralls as they share the challenges and triumphs in guiding clients through the creative process. From bold innovative statements to stylish understated elegance, discover how these experts have informed and elevated their clients’ taste level, fashioning fresh, chic environments in the process.