Episode 94: Ryan White and The CXD Social Lounge and Stage Design House Creation

This episode is dedicated to the Convo By Design Social Lounge and Stage Presented By Snyder Diamond at the WestEdge Design Fair.  We created a design space for the event that played host to panel discussions and interviews throughout the event.  I wanted this episode to spotlight our designer, Ryan White.  Ryan was a blast to work with.  He is smart, creative and very professional in his approach.  This design space did not just happen.  There was a great deal of planning that went into it.  There were challenges to overcome, some were daunting.  What you are about to hear is a three part story, I met Ryan 2 weeks before the event to discuss the last minute Planning, you will then hear the conversation with event partners, Courtney Genovese from The Rug Company, Anne Lockwood Crowningsheild from Empiric and Orli Ben-Dor from Hollywood At Home. And to wrap it up, we circled back with Ryan at the end, just before we broke the space down.  This was an amazing process and I will tell you, a little sad and relief, combined at the end.

Set decorator Tara Stephenson, known for her work on iconic TV shows like Modern Family, That 70's Show and Third Rock From The Sun talks about the differences in set decoration between television and film as well as the differences by genre.  Learn from the pros and get a glimpse of design straight from the script.