Episode 95: Branding for The Design Trade on Social Media featuring Carrie Swing, Scot Meacham Wood and Gina Davis

This episode is about branding for the design trade on social media.  Architects, designers, showroom marketers, product manufacturers, I think you are going to enjoy this. Social media consultant Carrie Swing speaks with marketer and blogger Scott Meacham Wood and fabric designer Gina Davis.  These three bring a fresh perspective on blogging, posting imaging and a fresh narrative.  Finding your voice and turning that into brand value.  Carrie, Scott and Gina discuss content, creating, sharing, cross platform and vertical integration.  Using this to reinforce your brand, create new followers and turning followers into clients and customers.

Robert, Russ and Ryan share insights on how design based businesses can collaborate with those in the trade to help them create remarkable homes for their clients.  Warner Bros and Snyder Diamond service the design trade by providing unique, non-core services to designers and architects.  They explain why that philosophy of service is crucial to the long term success of their business.