Episode 92: Designing Character - When Your Client is a Script Part 2


This episode of the podcast is a celebration of set decorators. Set decorators are a special breed of designer. They are designer, artist and a little mad scientist. They create design and feel for the tv shows and movies we love to watch. They actually define the style of the characters. Following is part one of a panel from the WestEdge Design Fair featuring Rosemary Brandenburg, William DeBiasio, K.C. Fox and Tara Stephenson, this conversation is moderated by Architectural Digest’s Ruth Tooker. Interior designers have the luxury of interviewing their clients to get a sense of the environment they will create. Set decorators must develop characters from reading the script. This panel covers the process a set decorator undergoes to take the characters from page to stage, creating environments for the story. A conversation with 4 remarkable set decorators on Designing Character, when your client is a script.

Set decorator William DeBiasio discusses key props and how using social media to engage the fans creates interest and engagement for the show. DeBiasio is known for his work on Pretty Little Liars, Crank, Alias, Chuck and, Famous in Love.