Episode 86. Designer Susan Cohen

Susan Cohen is principal designer of Susan Cohen Associates.   Susan knew she wanted to be a designer from a very young age.  Her expertise in handling large residential projects affords her clients the luxury of knowing that their home is being expertly managed.  Listen to Susan explain her philosophy on design, love of fabric and passion for Doris Day.  This conversation was recorded from the lanai at her home office.  You will hear planes, trickling water and giggling children, what more could you want?

Susan Cohen is a Los Angeles based interior designer with a significant book of completed projects.  Her experience and style is not just defined by her aesthetic but by the manner in which she does business.  Her style with clients, architects, builders, the trades and the media all play a big part in her success.  Susan discusses her style and how  positive collaboration will get the results her clients want.

Susan Cohen is a Los Angeles based interior designer with a remarkable book of business. Her designs are truly unique and creative. When you speak with Susan, one thing that always comes up is how she surrounds herself with the right people. Smart, creative and talented people. Enjoy this conversation with Susan Cohen on working with the right people.