Episode 28. (Part 1) Built To Last

Moderated by Kathryn M. Ireland, Kathryn M. Ireland Textiles and Design Featuring: Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design; Russ Diamond, Snyder Diamond; Christopher Farr, Christopher Farr USA Inc. and Christopher Farr Cloth; and Thomas Lavin, Thomas Lavin

Built to Last: Developing a Brand Legacy in the Design World

Your brand identity is the single most important factor in building a distinctive, impactful, timeless business. Are you harnessing it to its full effect? Hear from some of the most recognized names in the design industry about how to set yourself apart in today’s fast-paced market and build a business of genuine integrity with impeccable products and services that stand the test of time. Join moderator and design icon Kathryn Ireland; kitchen and bath icon Russ Diamond of Snyder Diamond; and a panel of design legends as they discuss how to build a business, image and design empire synonymous with success.